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Pre-Marital Sex Sudarshan,I really hope that you know that,unlike Sri Vaishnavism,not all hindu traditions say to their followers to "live and act only for the pleasure of the Lord". It is the voluntary union of a maiden and her lover, which arises from desire and sexual intercourse for its purpose. Then for them their first night is just a waste because they ve already been through that love and spark and enjoyed their first night before marriage. Since in the Vedic society maidenhood was important to the marriage of girls, they were closely guarded by her parents or her guardians and not allowed to go out or meet men alone. In the marriage, they would kidnap and forcibly carry away the girl without her parent's consent and marry her forcibly by threats or coercion to a member of their group. This also signifies that Scythians, Huns, and Kushans assimilation in Hindu society was complete by then.
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What is the Hindu position on sex outside of marriage and contraception?

The Arsha type was practiced by the seers and sages, since they required to gift at least a cow and bull to the bride's father, which they generally kept in their households. So, crying out against them as being anti-Hindu is not quite proper. They might be prevailing practices to which the law books might have given their stamp of approval. The bride has to be a virgin for the marriage to consummate. A sage named Kanva took pity on her and brought her up in his hermitage. As religious beliefs and traditional values continue to lose their hold upon people, parents have to now deal with changing attitudes of their children toward such issues as premarital sex, prostitution, adultery, and homosexuality.
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scripture - Does Hinduism forbid sexual intercourse before marriage? - Hinduism Stack Exchange

Thefts were exceedingly rare, since the punishments were severe. Copyright Hindu Dharma Forums. They also received maidens from vassals and regional satraps as gifts or part of tributary. They might be prevailing practices to which the law books might have given their stamp of approval. This process was called as Niyoga. He kept his son away from all worldly knowledge in vain. So what we can conclude is that the texts indicate that a marriage will be better if both individuals are virgins.
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Prostitution was a recognized profession in ancient India and some of them had access to the royal court. Although this subject has been treated here in some detail, it may be still incomplete in some respects, and the conclusions drawn here may not satisfy all. Intrinsic to this union is God's calling to lifelong exclusive sexual faithfulness. I hope that mblova will find interesting the following writings which are taken from the book Dancing with Siva, Hinduism's Contemporary Catechism by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami The ingredient in this is a peculiar contact between the organ of sense and its object, and the consciousness of pleasure which arises from that contact is called Kama. Notify me of new comments via email.
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